The Basic Nitrox course is an easy to learn 1 day course, where divers will spend the day learning the basic principles behind diving with Enriched Air Nitrox mixtures through EAN22 to EAN40.

During training students will learn the benefits and potential hazards associated with breathing enriched air mixtures underwater.
After an academic presentation in the morning, students will know how to use nitrox dive tables and a nitrox computer (where applicable).

Oxygen tracking tables, basic formulas to equate the ideal mix for a specific depth, the ideal and maximum operating depth of a specific mix, the partial pressure of O2 and N2 of a specific mix at a corresponding depth and the equivalent air depth of an enriched air mixture.

Two non-decompression dives are conducted during the day.

The basic nitrox course is not a technical diving course, hence the in water procedures are no different to procedures and techniques learned in prior entry level diving courses.

The critical point and goal of the course is to ensure divers are well aware of the need for additional tracking procedures, basic calculations and the use of different dive tables (dive computers) and are competent in their use.

I recommend the Basic Nitrox course is taught in combination with Advanced Nitrox.

Upon successful completion of this course graduates are qualified to enrol on:

Advanced Nitrox

Decompression Procedures


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