The Helitrox course is the newest course in the TDI curriculum.

The course was developed in the first quarter of 2010 to encourage and allow the use of Helium for technical dives within the 30 to 45 meter range, before going on to the Trimix course.

The Helium content for this course is limited to a maximum of 20%.

The course was primarily designed for divers planning to dive in colder, darker environments, where the effects and hazards of Narcosis become more apparent in the 30 to 45 meter range, having said that the benefits of using a Helium week mix over air (within this range) as the bottom breathing gas are clear for all in any environment.

Much the same as the Decompression Procedures diver course, problem solving skills introduced in the Adv Nitrox course are built on and refined in the Helitrox course.

After training, divers will be competent in the use of a double tank system containing Trimix with one stage bottle, for conducting accelerated decompression dives to a maximum training depth of 45 meters.

A minimum of four dives are required during training. in which decompression strategies and procedures, typically using one stage bottle of EAN50, are practiced.

Learning the benefits and additional procedures associated with adding Helium to the breathing mix.

We recommend that the Helitrox course is taught in combination with the Adv Nitrox course.

Upon successful completion of this course graduates are qualified to enrole on:



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