The Decompression Procedures course is the first actual decompression diving course in the TDI curriculum.

During training the fundamental skills learned in the Advanced Nitrox course are built on and refined with continual problem solving and practice of advanced diving techniques in confined water, before taking the first step in to the world of decompression diving.

A minimum of four dives are required during training, in which decompression strategies will be introduced including accelerated decompression procedure using one stage bottle of EAN50 while practicing simulated decompression dives, until skills and procedures have reached a level whereby we can safely conduct more demanding, longer/deeper technical dives.

After training, divers will be competent in the use of a double tank system with one stage bottle, for conducting decompression dives to a maximum training depth of 45 meters.

The decompression Procedures course is the foundation for safe technical diving and the starting point to gain experience in technical diving before going on to the Trimix course.

We recommend the Decompression Procedures course is taught in combination with the Adv Nitrox course.

Upon successful completion of this course graduates are qualified to enrole on:


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