To enter into the Trimix course divers need to have Adv Nitrox and Decompression Procedures/Helitrox certification or equivalent.

The degree of task loading is increased during the Trimix course, beyond the realms of prior technical training, due to the rigors associated with increasing depth and time along with adding another stage bottle.

The Trimix course is a course which is designed to develop technical diving skills beyond the scope of prior training, by continuing the cycle of problem solving scenarios, including multiple failures with the double set and two stage tanks. Divers will be using the double tank set up, with two stages now, rather than one.

Divers are trained in procedures necessary to safely add the third gas mixture and avoid the potential hazards.

General problem solving and advanced technical diving skills are refined further with a view to increasing range beyond the scope of prior training.

The maximum depth for the trimix course is 60 meters with limits on bottom times based on gas volume and cylinder pressure, combined with breathing rates and safe gas reserves.

Upon successful completion of this course graduates are qualified to enrole on:

Advanced Hypoxic Trimix


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