The Advanced Trimix course is a course developed for the experienced technical diver, who wishes to extend their range beyond the scope of deeper air or normoxic trimix diving.

The pre requisite to enroll on the Advanced Trimix course is Extended Range or Trimix Diver or equivalent certification.
The degree of task loading is increased during the Advanced Trimix course to beyond the realms of normoxic Trimix diving. The rigors associated with increasing depth requires adding another stage bottle to the life support system, increasing the number of bottles carried to five.

Along with the third stage bottle, the Advanced Trimix course is also unique in the respect that it is the only TDI course where it is necessary to travel from the surface on an alternate mix before switching to the bottom mix.

Simply speaking, each diver enrolling in the Advanced Trimix course must be a well rounded, experienced technical diver who is willing to commit the appropriate amount of dedication to safely conduct dives in the hypoxic Trimix range.


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