The Advanced Nitrox course is the first step on the Technical Diving ladder.

The course is structured to introduce the fundamental skills necessary for diving with Enriched Air mixtures through to pure O2 in preparation for next step (Decompression Procedures & Helitrox).

During training divers will be trained in the use of double tanks and potential problems and failures associated with them, along with the use and potential failure points of a single stage bottle of decompression gas.

With the introduction of the twin set/double tanks, stage bottle, back plate and wing, unfamiliar equipment soon becomes the foundation for safe, challenging Technical diving.

Scenarios will be simulated in confined water whereby problem solving will be practiced along with advanced diving techniques and emergency procedures to gain the necessary degree of competence before moving on to deeper open water.

A minimum of 4 dives are required during training to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

We recommend the Adv Nitrox course is taught in combination with the Decompression Procedures or Helitrox.

Upon successful completion of this course graduates are qualified to enrol on:

Decompression Procedures



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